The Star Jacket

The Star Jacket


The Star Card in the Tarot is associated with Aquarian energy. As the water bearer, this figure carries two vessels—one flows into a pond and the other into the earth. As she tends to the waters, she is tending to herself and the collective. Her being is raw, open, and deeply present—holding space for healing, self-expression and authenticity. This card encourages us to get quiet and allow space for ourselves in order to cultivate self-awareness and gain higher consciousness. Here we harness powerful perspective and activate wishes, desires, dreams, and HOPE for our future. ⁣

The embodiment of The Star card is one of inspired action and intentionality—inviting conscious awareness and meaning to everything we do for ourselves and others.⁣⁣


All jackets are custom Quilted and Hand Appliquéd- made to order. Fabric is custom printed and sized according to the specifics you select. 


Once you select your jacket size, style, and wash Sacred Tide will begin sourcing your denim jacket. You will receive an email  2-3 days after placing your order with photos of your jacket for final approval.


After the approval process is complete your jacket will be upcycled and ready to ship/pick up in approximately 2-3 weeks.