The Moon Jacket

The Moon Jacket



The Moon card often points to the souls desire for deep nourishing reflection. Just as the moon reflects the light of the sun, this card teaches us to illuminate that which may be hidden within us- it asks us to engage with our dreams, intuition, imagination and psychic abilities in order to do so. Within the imagery of this card are various symbols of transformation and expansion-the long winding path guides us onward and invites us to relish in the unknown. The unknown can often feel scary or overwhelming. The Moon card asks that we lean into this journey as we learn to mold our fears into ferocity. This card is also connected to the zodiac sign of pisces who’s traits honor compassion, empathy, prayer, poetry, imagination, mysticism, love, kindness and cosmic mystery. 


All jackets are custom Quilted and Hand Appliquéd- made to order. Fabric is custom printed and sized according to the specifics you select. 


Once you select your jacket size, style, and wash Sacred Tide will begin sourcing your denim jacket. You will receive an email  2-3 days after placing your order with photos of your jacket for final approval.


After the approval process is complete your jacket will be upcycled and ready to ship/pick up in approximately 2-3 weeks.