Sunflower Flower Remedy For Vitality

Sunflower Flower Remedy For Vitality

Sunflower is a single flower essence remedy used to help boost vitality, balance masculine and ego forces, and ignite the solar plexus. If you are in need of a pick-me-up and a bit of motivational push, Sunflower is your gal! This essence helps bring out your unique inner light and charge forwards from the soul.

If you feel:

  • lethargic, exhausted, and lazy

  • procrastinating duties or putting things on hold

  • unsure of what you want, who you are, or what you have to give

  • sluggish and unmotivated

  • overly aggressive, moody, or agitated

  • lack of drive or inspiration

  • either a lost sense of self and individualism or an excessive need for individualism and separation of self


  • balance in ego forces, confidence, and self-esteem

  • vitality boost and energy reboot

  • strong sense of self and unique light

  • revitalized perspective

  • a kick start in motivation and drive

Suggested Use:

Take 4 drops at a time up to twice per day orally on the tongue or in a beverage. You may also apply topically to the wrist or add them into your bath.


For best results, take consecutively and consistently for 14 days. If taken as suggested, a 15ml Single Flower Remedy will last 14 days.


Pure Sunflower flower essence, 10% Brandy Preservative, and Distilled Water.

15ml/ .5 fl oz