Phlox Flower Remedy for Community

Phlox Flower Remedy for Community

Phlox is a single flower essence remedy used to help you attract your tribe and find your place in the community. If you have recently moved, started a new phase of your life, or jumped into the ‘unknown’, this is the flower for you!

If you feel:

  • like an outsider or new to a community

  • shy and a bit of “stage fright”

  • you have just purged or fell out with a group of friends or close supporters/family members

  • you have been doing your own thing for a while and are ready to integrate with the local community

  • you are seeking a home and roots

  • are ready for team work, group service, and like-minded friendship


  • interest in group meetings, classes, or gatherings

  • easy going and natural networking

  • right time and place for opportunity

  • attracting people into life with similar interests and goals

  • sense of home and synching with the local environment

Suggested Use:

Take 4 drops at a time up to twice per day orally on the tongue or in a beverage. You may also apply topically to the wrist or add them into your bath.


For best results, take consecutively and consistently for 14 days. If taken as suggested, a 15ml Single Flower Remedy will last 14 days.


Pure Phlox flower essence, 10% Brandy Preservative, and Distilled Water.

15ml/ .5 fl oz