Orchid Flower Remedy For Passion

Orchid Flower Remedy For Passion

Orchid is a single flower essence remedy used to help spark your passion for life. A sacral chakra masterpiece, Orchid helps you to tune into your sexuality, heal the energetic polarities in the body, and ignite your flame of passion for life. An intense remedy, it will help to balance your divine masculine and feminine energies to boost your passions, interests, and divine sensuality.

If you feel:

  • numb to life in general

  • uninterested in hobbies or creative expression

  • null or overly excessive in your sex life

  • uncomfortable with your sexual nature

  • imbalance in your femininity or masculinity traits

  • negative relationship with the self, how you view yourself, or what you “deserve”

  • loss of passion and joy


  • a subtle shift in your masculine and feminine qualities

  • balanced sex life

  • forgiveness of the Self

  • release of guilt, shame, and fear

  • a boost in creative expression and life passions


Suggested Use:

Take 4 drops at a time up to twice per day orally on the tongue or in a beverage. You may also apply topically to the wrist or add them into your bath.


For best results, take consecutively and consistently for 14 days. If taken as suggested, a 15ml Single Flower Remedy will last 14 days.


Pure Orchid flower essence, 10% Brandy Preservative, and Distilled Water.

15ml/ .5 fl oz