FREE Tarot Jacket Consultation

FREE Tarot Jacket Consultation



Together we will set an intention and discuss what energy you are looking to invoke with your jacket. Each Tarot card depicts a different archetype that carries a specific energy and message. The card chosen will be put onto a jacket with the intention of honoring the embodiment of that card and energetic.


How do we choose a card?

-Birth Cards/Major Arcana: Each of us are born under a certain Major Arcana card (pictured above). We will calculate your birth cards and see if their energy resonates with you.

-Zodiac Sign: Each card is associated with a different sign in astrology. We will pull the cards associated with your sign and feel into which one is the best fit.

-Elemental- Each card honors various elements- Earth, Air, Fire, Water. Which are you most closely in alignment with? Which are you looking to invoke?