Blossom Flower Remedy

Blossom Flower Remedy

Blossom is a three-flower Bouquet Blend designed to help you step fully into your light and bloom in the community surrounding you. This blend is an attraction boost to magnetize your highest timeline and draw forwards your tribe, your purpose, and your best self. Blossom will help you thrive, bloom, and step into your fullest potential.

If you feel:

  • too shy to put yourself out there

  • isolated and hermit-like

  • you have no friends or sense of support

  • just purged, lost, or fell out of touch with friends or family members

  • scared of meeting new people or trying new things

  • putting up a front and not presenting yourself the way you truly are

  • holding back or playing it safe

  • low self-esteem and confidence

  • you are the “new girl” in town and just joined a new community, job/schooling, or location


  • release of self-doubt and fear

  • confidence to share who you are and your talents and contributions

  • a powerful sense of self that projects just as you are

  • attracts people, opportunities, and community of equal vibration

  • sheds blinders and blocks to help you blossom into your best self

  • gently encourages you to step forwards, share, and grow with others in your vibrational circle

Suggested Use:

Take 4 drops at a time up to twice per day orally on the tongue or in a beverage. You may also apply topically to the wrist or add them into your bath.


For best results, take consecutively and consistently for 30 days. If taken as suggested, a 30ml Bouquet Blend will last 30 days.


Pure Sunflower, Phlox, and Damiana flower essence, 10% Brandy Preservative, and Distilled Water.

30ml/1 fl oz