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Sacred Tide is a brand based out of Stinson Beach, CA created by Designer, Textile Artist, and Quilter Kelsea Kirsch. Specializing in Denim Artwear Jackets Kelsea quilts fabrics and hand appliqués them onto denim in small batches. Her unique aesthetic merges trapunto quilting techniques with iconic imagery. This sculptural quilting style (trapunto) brings one-dimensional fabric to life with 3D depth and volume. “I learned everything I know about sewing and design from my mother. She taught me how to honor the quilting process with close attention to detail and finishing.” Kelsea has been repurposing her own clothing since she was a little girl and has developed Sacred Tide as an eco-conscious brand whose mission is to upcycle. With denim as the number one pollutant in the fashion industry, Sacred Tide uses secondhand and vintage jackets as a canvas. 


Since the jackets are sourced secondhand they each have their own individual personality and because over the years denim has been produced in such a wide variety of styles, the possibilities are endless. “I love the process of sourcing the perfect jacket for each quilted fabric piece —My jackets always look unique and bespoke. No two Sacred Tide jackets are exactly the same. Each jacket has its own story and character—just like my customer. I love watching a jacket find its 'person'.” 

Kelsea works with fabrics that depict timeless artwork such as Pamela Coleman Smith’s Tarot Card imagery and Hokusai’s 36 views of Mt. Fuji woodblock series. Her Tarot Jacket Collection was inspired by her own spiritual practice and has been brewing for years, “I’ve worked with Tarot cards since I was 13. I love quilting Tarot fabric because it feels like the esoteric symbols and magic truly come to life.” Each Tarot card jacket has its own significance and is meant to invoke a specific intention by the wearer. Kelsea’s Edo/Japanesque collection is inspired by her stay at Sogenji a Buddhist monastery in Japan. “I love the powerful landscapes and celebration of nature in Hokusai’s artwork.” While these two jacket collections may seem worlds away from each other, they both hold a deeper meaning as they invite the viewer to relish in the energy of nature and our spiritual connection to the elements within the natural world.